Grantee Responsibilities

Terms of Grant

  • The grantee, as a condition of accepting the grant award, affirms that the entire proceeds will be used to implement the charitable purposes for which the grant is made.
  • Should the grantee wish to make any changes to the original “aims” of the project, prior approval from the Foundation is required.
  • Should the grantee (a) become aware that the project aims/research protocols are no longer achievable, (b) wish to terminate the charitable project, (c) wish to redirect the purpose(s) of the grant, or (d) make a change in project leadership and/or management, the grantee shall immediately notify the Foundation in writing. In such event, the Foundation may, at its sole discretion, determine whether the grant should be terminated, or be permitted to continue. If the grant award is terminated, the grantee will be required to repay the Foundation any unspent principal.
  • Should the grantee wish to make any alterations or additions to the approved budget totaling 10% or more in any budget category, prior approval from the Foundation is required.
  • All funds granted by the Foundation to the Grantee, until used by the Grantee for purposes of this grant, must be kept in a separate account and may not be used for any other purpose or invested in any manner that would jeopardize or impair their availability for the purposes of this Grant or for any return to the Foundation as required by these “Grantee Responsibilities”.
  • The grantee must secure Foundation approval in writing before releasing any public announcements or statements to the media regarding the grant, referencing it in internally produced publications, or making any commitments for permanent recognition of the Mathers Foundation.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to publish the abstract submitted by the grantee. This may include a link to the website of the recipient institution and/or grant project in Foundation publications.

Reporting Requirements:

  • Written progress reports must be submitted to the Foundation every 6 months. Any scheduled payment for a grant award will be withheld until any outstanding progress report has been received.
  • A financial accounting of the expenditures of the grant must be submitted to the Foundation every 6 months, as part of progress report for that period.
  • Progress reports must include the following information:
    • Name of investigator
    • Name of institution
    • Title of project
    • Date of report, along with dates covered by the report
    • Project Goals/ Aims
      • Progress should be discussed as it pertains to the original aims of the project.
  • Departure from the original investigations’ aims need to be clearly explained and will require prior approval. (The Mathers Foundation reserves the right to approve or disprove any major departures from these aims.)