Application Process

Grants are made to tax-exempt 501(c)(3) independent and educational institutions. There are no grants awarded to individuals.

The process for application is as follows:

  1. Step 1 – Initial Contact – Contact the Mathers Foundation here to determine if your area of research would fall under the Foundation’s area of interest.
  2. Step 2 – Query – If the Foundation determines that the topic of research is of compelling interest, you will be invited to submit a formal query. The Query requires submission of a short 1-2 page summary summarizing the proposed research project in greater detail. Inquiries should be accompanied by the Principal Investigator’s C.V. and history of previously published research studies. Based on query reviews, formal requests will be invited. Specific detailed queries must be received electronically and by mail.
  3. Step 3- Formal Proposal – The third and final step of the application process will require submission of a detailed description of the project proposal and should include the following:
    a) Specific aims of the proposed investigation, and proof of concept, as appropriate
    b) History of prior or related research  (Such disclosure should categorize the proposed investigation in a context of the contemporaneous or historical efforts by other investigators addressing similar or collaborative efforts.)
    c) How the investigation will be conducted (test plan/methodology)
    d) Indicate whether the request has been, or is being, submitted elsewhere, and, if so, the status of this submission.
    e) Budget with detailed justification and allocation of funds requested
    f) Resumes and C.V.s of each of the team members involved. This should include primary investigator, and supporting staff that provide 30% or more of their time on the project (post-docs, graduate students, etc.)


Applications are initially reviewed by the Foundation’s Executive Director, and subsequently, by the Foundation’s Executive Committee. Applications may also be examined by outside reviewers. A response, in the form of approval, rejection, or request for additional information, may be expected within 90-120 days of the submission of the requested information.