Current Projects

Listed below is a selection of projects currently supported by the Mathers Foundation.

Ajit Varki – University of California San Diego – “Molecular Glycobiology”

Blake Peterson – University of Kansas – “Exploring how cells respond to signaling molecules: Synthetic cell surface receptors that control signal”

Haifan Lin – Yale University “Applying nano-physics to epigenetics: solving the structure of Piwi-pi-RNA-Chromatin complex by atomic force”

Harrison Gabel – Washington University “The neuron-specific epigenome”

Joerg Bewersdorf – Yale University – “Nanoscale observation and manipulation of in cells and in vivo”

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte – Salk Institute – “Development of gene editing technologies to cure hematopoietic related diseases”

Partha Mitra – Cold Spring Harbor – “The mouse brain architecture project”

Prasad Jallepalli – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – “Mechanism and regulation of cohesion establishment in human cells”

Steven Farber – Carnegie Institute – “Cell biology in vivo: imaging lipid transport processes within live organs”

Walter Englander and Joshua Wand – University of Pennsylvania – “Protein dynamics, folding, function, and evolution”